We do not like most Afonja governor anyway but I adore this Ambode and Jimi Agbaje

We do not like most Afonja governor anyway but I adore this Ambode and Jimi Agbaje

Firstly, as the link at Abule Egba ended up being lovely, how do you explain Ambode’s strengthening a BRT lane in the center of Lagos-Abeokuta expressway at once developing a bridge in Agege?

I hope Sanwoolu create bad to those APC parents and would need Ambode right back. What are they contacting his cellphone for? Just what exactly if the guy doesnt solution them?

This Sanwoolu shall be worse. The guy cant watch for inauguration time for right here quickly adequate. We wonder if he rests. He’s datingranking.net/pl/black-singles-recenzja/ almost everywhere. Haba!

He’s perhaps not a governor however, already gonna Aso and providing pr release. Guy soothe ya straight down and dont become a attack wanting to show you are after that governor. ivermectina crema precio chile Nincompoop!

I am hoping Jubril el Sudan find something great for your inside the cupboard. Actually if Atiku got claimed im positive we’d are making him an Accountant General. ivermectin tablets for dogs dosage

That’s the challenge. Your remain on the isle, in Epe while determine following that that Ambode performed and soon you journey to Alimosho, Agege, FESTAC, Iyana Iba and you see hell.

Mind you, Alimisho and Agege become huge voting obstructs. While these are generally jobs you need, also, they are roads that take individuals to work and back home each day

These roads act as major and alternative roads ergo fixing them while doing so merely implies individuals will get home at c. The typical thing a national with person side will do would be to do remedial job using one, concentrate on the next once that is completed, begin primary work with the 2nd.

Ambode have for whatever reason discontinued the Badagry expressway. Precisely Why? No one knows. Placing people through mad torture daily yet he reveals images of Epe expressway which going after Badagry street.

Lets go on to spend. Lagos stinks. Their cancellation on the PSP was junk and useless. It was a system that works and employed almlost 25,000 everyone including road sweepers and instantly, the governor terminated they. If it was cancelled for example that worked it could are making sense but no. Cleaner Lagos was actually an ill-thought proven fact that is on its, ground for impeachment.

Construction. I am aware about 3 housing projects which were completed by the Fashola government in Ikorodu, Alimosho, Iyana Iba, Jakande property etc. These residences have begun done and all sorts of that is needed was ballot and allowance but Governor Ambode remaining the homes and set them under lock with no explanation. Another valid floor for impeachment. how to give your dog ivermectin

It’s these things group grumble about but to those whom dont observe, they feel for the reason that of bribes or party capital. You ended the opportunities of 25,000 everyone operating in PSP program and believed there wont be consequencies.

Storey building collapse he was around ahead of the sitting governor

Check out the monstrusity becoming developed at Oshodi. That project depresses me……the resources sunk there might be accustomed develop jetties and buy ferries to bring people from Badagry, Ikorodu and Iyana Iba toward island each day therefore easing the visitors. But it is Governor Ambode. The guy believes in „run big or go home”

That is the issue. You stick to the island, in Epe while assess following that that Ambode done until you take a trip to Alimosho, Agege, FESTAC, Iyana Iba and you also see hell.

Mind you, Alimisho and Agege tend to be? Big voting obstructs. While these are projects you need, they are also highways that accept visitors to function and home daily?