I had to contribute my two cents to this story

I had to contribute my two cents to this story

I worked for one of those „Top 100 Employers in America”. Being a divorced mom, my salary wasn’t great, but we got by and able to save a bit. I came down with a bacterial infection that put me in the hospital. When I informed my employer, they called me into the office, forcing me to sign a „leave of absence” form or face termination. That LOA form shut off my health insurance. I got sicker and racked up unbelievable medical bills, and because I could not get medical clearance to return to work, I was let go. Our savings was gone quickly, as was our townhome rental and car. I would say I would not hear back at least 90% of the time. I have two degrees and over 20 years experience in my field. After five months, I found a job as a server in a casual dining chain. This was a job I had way back in college. With this and another serving job, I work 7 days a week. I am still in a hotel with my children, but I am trying to teach them that adversity can be overcome with hard work. It is soul-killing, and if it weren’t for my children, I would just want to go to sleep and never wake up from this life. I feel as though I fell down that big chute from Chutes and Ladders, and at this point in life, I won’t be rescuing the kitten from the tree anytime soon. Thanks for listening.

We spent more than one night in the 24 hour diner, as we had nowhere to go

I became unemployed in when copper dropped 75% (I worked in wire manufacturing). It didn’t feel good to lose my job a few months after moving closer to where I worked. Also not a great start to my marriage and my daughter’s life (she was a couple months old when I was laid off). I collected unemployment but was only able to receive $99 per week.

We struggled in our apartment for another two months before being evicted. We had to move into my mother’s house and spent 6 cramped months in a room with our dps and cash assistance. In order to do so, I had to attend something once a week and show proof of seeking employment. My wife found work before I did and asked me to stay home and take care of our other daughter so she could accept the job. She couldn’t stand being home doing nothing and I was more interested in making her happy than thinking about what I would do for work. There isn’t free day care so I didn’t have much of a choice. Sacrifices had to be made. [. ]

As soon as I started feeling healthy, I started applying for jobs- at least 20 per day online, and 2 or 3 per week in person- often costing money in bus fare and babysitters

I endured 3 years of cheating and unemployment (all while trying hard to find anything). I finally left [my wife] earlier this year and my daughter lives with me where I didn’t want to go back to: my mom’s house.

I am still looking for ANYTHING. This time, I can work any hours so my options aren’t limited. I’ve tried to get part time work at McDonald’s. No luck. I’ve been told it’s mostly because of my long term unemployment. Some places haven’t even received my applications because their corporate office only forwards along applications from the recently unemployed and the currently employed. Whenever I see someone with two jobs and no kids get a third without any effort, it pisses me off. I have a d struggling to deal with my situation and can’t find ONE PART-TIME JOB. I’m currently working every couple weeks for a neighbor who owns a business and barely make any money. And I get harassed because I get state assistance to take care of my daughter.